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Asparagus Velouté

Asparagus, broad bean and air-dried ham salad

Asparagus with quail eggs

Tomato soup

Parsnip, apple and celery soup

Asparagus and ham quiche

Grilled asparagus with trotter chips and sabayon of vin jaune

Broad beans with ham

Fried cauliflower with garlic

Stuffed aubergines

Beetroot gazpacho

Eggs à la Bercy

Eggs with mayonnaise

Fried eggs with coriander, cumin and balsamic vinegar

Œufs Lorraine

Tortilla Española

Mushroom omelette

Mushroom and garlic omelette

Champignons Languedociennes

Mushrooms à la Grecque



Spicy mushrooms à la Greque

Turkish style mushrooms

Mushrooms with garlic

Coriander mushrooms

Mushroom balls of fluff

Marinated aubergines

Avocado mousse with smoked cod's roe

Cold chicken and garlic skewers

Grilled pig's trotters with garlic & parsley

Foie gras d'oie poêlé en bigarade

Jambon persillé

Duck and orange jelly terrine

Fried feta cheese

Fried halloumi